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Owner Online Training

We believe that the best communities have the most informed owners. We encourage owners to pursue ongoing learning on body corporate topics. To assist with this goal, we bring you the best resources including links to external training providers, content from the Capitol seminar series and video presentations by expert speakers.

Capitol owner seminars

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February/March 2018 – presentation notes
  • Top body corporate FAQs
  • Flammable building cladding
  • Compliance with fire and other regulations
February/March 2017 – presentation notes
  • Repairs and maintenance of common property
  • Committee responsibilities
  • Review of property law in Queensland
  • Capitol website and Owner login
  • Invoice approval hub for committees and invoice policy
April 2016 – presentation notes
  • By-laws and maintenance
  • NBN rollout on the peninsula (no video available)
  • Reports: sinking fund forecast, insurance valuation
October 2015 – presentation notes
  • By-laws | Mark Mellick, Active Lawyers
  • Where your money goes
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Website update
July 2015 – presentation notes
  • Resident Unit Managers (RUMs)
  • Capitol’s new website
March 2015 – presentation notes
  • Termite 101
  • How Capitol can assist you
  • Useful tips from your Community Relationship Manager
August 2014 – presentation notes
  • Managing debt in a body corporate
  • Energy savings for bodies corporate
  • Effective body corporate committee meetings
  • Common Property | Mark Mellick, Active Lawyers

Property Manager seminars

August 2016 – presentation notes
  • Levies and budgets | Committee and Capitol | Maintenance | Insurance
June 2015 – presentation notes
  • Working together with body corporate managers | Maintenance | Approvals | Insurance claims process

External training resources

Queensland Department of Justice | body corporate

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