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With a highly liveable combination of sunshine, idyllic subtropical weather all year round and breathtaking landscapes, Brisbane, the sophisticated riverside capital of Queensland, is a perfect location to live in a strata community. Wedged between the ocean and the scenic Brisbane hinterland, Brisbane combines city vistas, natural bushland, rivers, lakes, hilltop views, islands and strikingly beautiful landscapes with a buzzing lifestyle, cultural precincts, award-winning food and wine, adventurous activities and plenty to explore.

A sub-tropical modern and lively city, Brisbane is home to nearly two million culturally-diverse people who choose to enjoy the flourishing lifestyle offered by Australia’s most welcoming capital city. With a friendly, vibrant and energetic community vibe, the unit lifestyle that many Brisbanites choose provides them with a place to connect and engage with the city and the people living around them.


Community living in Brisbane

The trend towards community living is currently growing, and it’s easy to understand why. If you own a property within a body corporate, you have the benefits of lifestyle and privacy without the responsibility of maintaining the land in a private property. And with housing market prices on the rise, as well as the job growth in cities, many people are turning to community living as an affordable and practical alternative to suburban single-tenant dwellings.

As the landscape of Brisbane changes and evolves and more people flock to the city, the good old Australian dream of a three-bedroom home on a quarter acre block is becoming rare. Taking its place are strata title communities, popping up to share resources, facilities and assets in Brisbane.

A strata property is one in which individuals each own a portion (a lot). All owners share ownership of the common property such as driveways, gardens, lifts and foyers, and are responsible for the upkeep of this common property. Maintenance of the common property is generally managed by a body corporate management firm such as Capitol.

Apartment living has many selling points – number one often being its location close to or right inside the CBD of Brisbane, where you’re close by to almost anything you could need or want. It might be your place of work, shopping or services, but living in close proximity to the city hub has numerous benefits. If that’s not enough, many apartment complexes come with their own amenities available for residents, such as gyms, swimming pools, convenience stores and even gardens, meaning you barely have to leave the complex to find the things you need.

Sense of community is another attractive feature of apartment living. You can choose to participate in the community as much or as little as you like, but many people find it stimulating to be surrounded by a wide variety of people. You can also save money living in an apartment, particularly on transport costs. Apartments are generally more affordable than houses, making them an attractive option for first home buyers and the budget-conscious looking for an affordable property.

Maintaining a property can be expensive and time-consuming, and another attraction to apartment living is the opportunity to reduce the overall responsibility and upkeep of a property. In a body corporate, you will mostly be responsible for what is inside your own unique space, as the responsibility of the common areas is shared between owners and the day-to-day is generally taken care of by the Committee with support of the body corporate manager. . A low maintenance home is ideal for people who lead a busy life, such as ambitious professionals or travellers. As well, higher density living allows for greater energy efficiency in buildings, can support better and cheaper public transport and can enable greater social equality and community interaction.

Brisbane’s apartment market is very active at the moment, with Brisbane having more than 52% of the total apartments in Queensland. In Queensland, as in other states, the majority of apartments are rented. In many of Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs, new developments are springing up, as a shift towards a more compact, cosmopolitan lifestyle is happening. Brisbane is falling in love with apartment living, which is causing a dramatic shift in the way Brisbanites have traditionally lived. Dwelling approvals for apartments now far exceed those for houses in Brisbane, with well over half of the dwelling approvals over the last 12 months being multi-residential developments. Today, Brisbane offers a superb choice in apartment living, with everything from small, two lot schemes right through to large complexes available for any budget..

A new paradigm for living has emerged in recent times, and with it comes a new and complex landscape to navigate.

That’s where strata management services can help.


What strata management can offer

Strata management is one of the most dynamic growth industries in Queensland, and with the boom in unit living, will continue to be so into the future. Professional body corporate management services have grown quickly, keeping pace with the proliferation of

community strata schemes arising in Brisbane. Strata management now plays a key role in Australia’s property landscape. With close to 3 million strata-managed properties around the country, property owners have come to rely on strata management professionals to protect the value of their investments.

The legislation applicable to bodies corporate is complex and comprehensive, and requires an in-depth understanding. Ensuring compliance with the ever-changing legislation while maintaining the value of your property can be a constant headache for owners. However, when you have a professional managing your body corporate it will help you to navigate the confusion caused by the ever-increasing legislative requirements A professional and effective strata management company in Brisbane can provide a range of consultancy and management services and can assist with all the administrative functions of the body corporate, leaving you free to enjoy the lifestyle you choose.

And that’s where Capitol comes in.


Capitol can streamline your body corporate management

Capitol can help manage your Brisbane body corporate, and take care of all management aspects of your body corporate management, compliance and maintenance needs. You can call on our experience to guide you through the often-bewildering maze of body corporate legislation, and ensure each area of your Brisbane body corporate is given quality attention. The landscape of body corporate management is constantly evolving, with reforms, by-laws and regulations subject to change at any time.

Leading the way into this brave new world is Capitol.


The Capitol difference

Capitol are recognised as management leaders, setting the highest standards for strata expertise and body corporate management in Brisbane. Sometimes local knowledge in body corporates can make all the difference, and our exceptional and efficient Brisbane body corporate managers have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Brisbane strata landscape. Capitol’s experienced professionals offer a personalised and cost effective service, leaving you able to concentrate on other areas of your investment. Our team boasts expert knowledge and offers practical advice built on years of experience.

Capitol was established in Brisbane in 1995, and the founding directors continue to work in the business today. With our extensive local expertise, our team is passionate about being the leader in body corporate management in Brisbane. You can rely on us to be professional and innovative in our approach to community relationship management, through constant contact, expert advice and proactive management.

Capitol delivers on our promise of service excellence, going above and beyond to smooth the journey for property owners. Your Community Relationship Manager will be matched to your specific needs and is an expert in their field. We hold ourselves accountable by providing all owners with the direct contact phone number and email for your Community

Relationship Manager. We answer your phone calls and respond to your emails without you having to go through a call centre. You can count on us to be available and responsive.

When you choose Capitol, you benefit from:


Our expert team

The Capitol team has over 100 years of collective relevant experience. We apply our experience to every situation, with a tailored approach when working with committees and owners to achieve the best outcome for your Brisbane body corporate – every time.

Capitol Community Relationship Managers each hold relevant qualifications and membership with Strata Community Australia (Queensland). We believe in our people 100%. To make sure we stay at the top of our game, we invest in ongoing training and development for our entire team, including our Managers and Directors.

Owner login and resource centre

We regularly host the popular free Capitol seminar series at various locations around Brisbane. These events put our owners in contact with expert speakers who present on a range of topics. Our management team is also available at these events to answer questions. As well, you can find useful forms, body corporate information, seminar materials and more in our resource centre. We know your time is precious, so we give you instant and convenient access to your body corporate records through your owner login.

What we stand for

Capitol’s vision is to work with owners to create happy, healthy and harmonious body corporate communities here in Brisbane. Our team is united by our culture of encouragement, team work and constant learning which means you consistently get the best from all of us. Body corporate management often requires effective problem solving and negotiation skills. We apply our values and culture to all dealings with our owners and committees to build strong relationships and achieve positive outcomes.

As the leaders in strata management in Brisbane, we are defined by our values which underpin all our dealings with you. We are expert professionals who are leaders in our field, but are also willing to learn and to educate. We pay attention to detail, and are reliable and focused. We are effective communicators who have real empathy for others. We are transparent in what we do, and have integrity and honesty. And we are innovators, with a “can do” attitude.


Our specialties:

  • Responsiveness
  • Availability
  • Expert advice
  • Direct access to your manager

Follow the leader as we create opportunities to build effective communities within your Brisbane body corporate.


What we can offer you

Owner login

The Capitol owner login provides 24/7 access to your statements and levy information, community management statement, building reports, meeting minutes and financial information.

Online forms

All the forms you need can be accessed 24/7 in one spot, so you’ll never need to go searching for paperwork.

Owner training

We give you access to notes from keynote presentations on critical topics, ensuring you are kept up to date with the latest information.


We offer you free training seminars to help you get the most out of your property.


Our resource centre is filled with a wealth of helpful and essential information that will answer your queries and help you solve any problems.

Latest news

We keep you up to date with news and opinion pieces on topics of interest to bodies corporate.


What we can do for you

  • We can convene and attend your committee and annual general meetings and record and distribute the minutes.
  •  We take care of your banking, by issuing and collecting levies, paying invoices and reconciling the body corporate’s financial statements.
  • We make record keeping painless, by maintaining and updating accurate body corporate records and registers.
  • We prepare annual financial statements and budgets.
  • We look after your correspondence, and monitor and inform the committee of incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • We can liaise with lot owners, residents, caretakers, contractors and other stakeholders.
  • We can assist the committee to arrange maintenance and repairs for the common property.
  • We assist with the insurance cover for the building, including common contents and office bearers.
  • We can assist the committee to understand and meet all statutory reporting and compliance requirements.
  • We can assist the body corporate with the application and enforcement of its by-laws.
  • We can provide advice to the committee on non-routine matters.
  • We can work with you and your team to ensure the set-up of new community titles schemes, and ensure your new body corporate in Brisbane maximises the success of your development and provides value for future owners and investors.


Stress-free strata management in Brisbane

For the last 22 years, Brisbane unit owners have trusted Capitol to effectively manage their properties. Looking after your body corporate community is not as simple as it may seem. We are here to help with your strata management in Brisbane and ensure it is an easy and hassle-free process. Our extensive knowledge of the body corporate industry and the day-to-day operations of a body corporate ensures that you can rely on us to provide the right advice and the best body corporate management services in Brisbane.

The hard-working and dedicated team at Capitol are highly qualified, trustworthy and have your interests at heart. Without good leadership, your dream of strata property ownership can very quickly turn into a nightmare. Don’t let that happen. Let Capitol help you make the most of your Brisbane body corporate with our professional and personal strata management service that you can rely on every day. It would be our pleasure.

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