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Understanding your electricity bill

Electricity bills in a body corporate scheme can sometimes seem complicated. If you’re struggling to make sense of all the details on your bill, it can help to have a more in-depth look at all the aspects of your bill. The Queensland Government has published the below...

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The latest on pets in strata

We love our pets, and many of us couldn’t imagine life without them. Particularly at the moment, our pets may be keeping us sane and calm as we’re spending more time at home and less time socialising. Pets are loyal, loving and comforting, and are often treasured...

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From the Commissioner – Abandonment

Ever get a feeling of abandonment? It might not seem like an obvious body corporate issue, but abandoned vehicles are – judging from enquiries my office receives – a topic of increasing interest for bodies corporate as well as other owners. It’s easy to understand...

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Body corporate fences – a divisive issue

A good fence can offer protection, a visual guideline to property ownership and can help keep relationships between neighbours sweet. However, body corporate fences present a challenge when it comes to maintenance. Often, no one really seems to know who is responsible...

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Balcony issues – and who repairs them?

There are many issues and problems that can occur on balconies, and it can be a somewhat grey area when it comes to discerning who’s responsible for repairing these issues. Staying on top of balcony maintenance is a crucial part of your building upkeep, so it’s...

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